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The “health first” protocol


The Hotel has developed an action plan and individual protocols for each section of the establishment to take measures, prevent and manage suspected Covid-19 cases, in order to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus to staff and guests. The action plan is conformed to the rules and hygiene standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and recommendations of Greece’s public health organization – EODY.

According to the plan, the hotel management has appointed a health coordinator to supervise that protocol is being followed and a doctor on call who will act on the instructions of EODY for testing suspected cases of Covid-19.


The Hotel has informed all stakeholders (employees, guests, contractors, suppliers, visitors and public) on the measures of its action plan.

  • The Hotel’s minibus will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use, carrying only same room guests.
  • Holidaymakers will be able to check-in contactless by checking in online via the hotel’s website.
  • Comfortable check-in procedures with safe distances & staff PPE will be implemented.
  • New Check-in policy: Check-in time: 15:00 Check-out time: 11:00
  • All guest luggage will be disinfected upon arrival and handled with personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • All key cards and POS machines will be disinfected.
  • Holidaymakers will be able to checkout in advance (bills prepared without physical contact).
  • A plexiglass window is placed at the reception desk.
  • Signage and floor markings are present to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.
  • Frequent disinfection of reception desks is implemented.
  • All employees are required to keep distance of 1.5 to two metres between them and the guests.
  • When requested, front office staff is capable to inform guests on the hotel’s rules and the new measures taken.
  • For any case of emergency, a medical kit is available at reception, which includes disposable gloves and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, longsleeved robe and laser thermometer.


  • Extensive new cleaning practices are in place to provide the best possible protection against potential Covid-19 viruses.
  • Guest rooms are deep cleaned and disinfected with aerial surface disinfection machine between every room change.
  • Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation take place between stays of guests.
  • Fabric surfaces (e.g. furniture upholstery) will be cleaned with a steam appliance.
  • Wooden and metallic surfaces and items-such as keys, door handles and security locks, are disinfected with 70% alcohol, where bleach not appropriate.
  • Each room undergoes A/C cleaning and thorough disinfection between every room change.
  • The daily change of sheets, pillowcases and towels will be avoided and carried out only upon the request of guests.
  • The doors and windows of all rooms to be opened daily for natural ventilation.
  • Every object such as extra pillows, bedding and shared multi-purpose items such as menus, magazines, etc has been removed from all rooms.
  • The most used devices and appliances like TV remote controls and air conditioner controls will receive special attention and may have disposable covers.
  • Room amenities will include hand sanitisers


  • Our kitchens follow a system to identify and manage food safety related risk (HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
  • Menus are adjusted to increase options of cooked food available instead of raw food.
  • Measures include restaurant capacity reduction enabling ample social distancing.
  • The maximum number of customers per table is six people. There is no limit in case of a family.
  • All employees wear masks and gloves for serving.
  • Gloves and masks are changed in a regular basis and F&B staff receive intensive covid-safe PPE training.
  • POS machines and equipment will be sanitised between every use.
  • To provide sufficient space for all guests, the opening hours of restaurants and other hotel facilities will be extended.
  • Guest hand sanitisation stations located in all bars and restaurants.
  • Sanitisation of all restaurant facilities is implemented. Frequent disinfection of all high-touch surfaces after each reservation and overnight deep disinfection will take place.
  • Approved cleaning products and disinfectants are used throughout kitchen areas and for all utensils.
  • Entrance to the kitchen area is prohibited for the public.
  • Goods are received by staff members who always wear gloves and masks.


  • Airy spaces, with fresh air circulating in all indoor spaces and common area A/C not in use across the resort.
  • Rigorous protocols are followed to thoroughly clean all surfaces with disinfectants.
  • Special attention is placed to sanitize public contact points such as elevator buttons, reception counters, door handles, and other high frequency “touch points”.
  • Installation of antiseptic solutions in all public areas, so that guests and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points. For example, all locations where food & beverage offered, in hotel facilities and in the lobby area.
  • Social distancing rules apply in all public areas including lobby, seating area, outdoor seating, etc.


  • Safe distance between sunbeds (2m between adjacent sunbeds)
  • Administration of disinfectant in the showers of the swimming pools
  • Disinfection of sunbeds, pool areas and equipment take place
  • Increased water quality controls take place.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our pool areas will be increased and disinfectant products suitable for the current situation will be used for the water.


  • Keeping distance of a minimum 1,5 meters between the neighbouring sets of sunbeds.
  • Sunbeds will be disinfected after each use.


  • Recommendation to avoid the use of elevators. All rooms can be accessed by outdoor corridors.
  • Max 2 guests permitted in elevators or a family.
  • Doors opened automatically.
  • Installation of disinfectants at elevator entrances and recommendation for use upon entrance and exit.
  • Frequent cleaning of elevators especially on “high-frequency touch points” such as handles and knobs, with approved cleaning products and disinfectants. (Buttons inside and outside the elevators sanitised every 2 hours).


  • According to the Health Ministry’s guidance on “Taking measures to ensure public health from viral and other infections during the use of air conditioning units”, special attention is shown on non-recirculation of air and allowing natural ventilation in rooms and other areas (by shutting down the system that deactivates air conditioners when doors are opened).
  • Each room undergoes A/C cleaning and thorough disinfection between every room change.
  • Maintenance of air conditioning units and change of filters and disinfection of air conditioning units and filters at regular intervals. Where possible, natural ventilation and artificial space cooling will be preferred.


  • Extensive training programmes and daily updates on the latest guidelines provided by health authorities. Intensive staff training on PPE use, frequent deep sanitisation and change of equipment, such as worn masks.
  • Staff will be able to identify symptoms and report them to the health coordinator.
  • Personnel planning: Staff will work together in fixed teams.
  • Measures compliance by all staff.


  • Testing of common area water samples on a regular basis by a professional partner to ensure strictest hygiene standards are maintained.


If a guest meets the criteria of the COVID-19 case definition, (see NPHO’s website for case definition) the procedure below must be followed:

The hotel’s health official must contact NPHO IMMEDIATELY at 210 5212054 or 1135 hotline (24/7) to declare the suspected case and receive guidance on how to handle the case.

  • The patient is advised to remain in his room and keep the door shut.
  • If the patient shows symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose), he must be provided immediately with a mask and tissues.
  • If the patient was accompanied by another individual who still wishes to remain with him to take care of him (e.g. spouse), then this person must also be given a standard surgical mask and must practice hand hygiene at all times when coming in contact with the patient’s secretions (e.g. saliva) and, most importantly, before touching their face or before eating or drinking.
  • Personnel must be advised to avoid entering the patient’s room, unless there is a serious reason. If need arises, we suggest that only one member of the hotel staff be responsible for the suspected case. This way, the number of employees exposed to infection may be reduced to minimum.
  • Any used protective equipment (standard surgical mask, gloves) must be disposed of in a bin and must in no case be used again.
  • After disposing of the protective equipment, you should wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. Please note that using gloves does not replace hand washing, which is the most important measure of protection.

Care should be taken by hotel management for accessible and adequate amount of supplies to be used for infection prevention:

  • soap and water or hand disinfectant
  • tissues
  • standard surgical masks
  • disposable gloves
  • thermometers
  • garbage bags
  • surface cleanser

Finally, to safeguard public health, the hotel management must keep a record of all members of staff and all persons who stayed at the hotel – name, nationality, check-in and check-out date, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail), to allow communication with all individuals who came in close contact with a later confirmed case of COVID-19.