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Green orientation


The San Antonio sustainable practices demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. We always comply with the law concerning our environmental actions and constantly review our green policy to improve the environmental footprint of our business. We are committed to practice within the limits of available physical, natural and social recourses by:

Energy saving

Conserving energy is of the utmost importance at San Antonio Corfu where LED light bulbs are utilised across the property, function with motion sensors in public areas and ensure adequate lighting when necessary. The same energy-saving approach is applied to the cooling technology. In all guest rooms we have installed a sensor switch which turns the AC off when the balcony door is open. We have also installed electronic key cards in each room, so when the guest is absent, all electronic devices (except the refrigerator) are switched off. Hotel equipment and appliances function in energy-saving modes too for optimised conservation. An electric vehicle has also been selected for guest transportation, echoing San Antonio’ adherence to environmentally-friendly practices beyond the hotel’s walls.

Mindful Water Consumption

Fully aware of water being a precious resource, preserving it is crucial. Our property has taken several measures to ensure water efficiency. One of the main areas where water can be saved is in toilets, and our property only uses water-efficient toilets, such as low-flow or dual flush toilets, to reduce water usage. Additionally, we only use water-efficient showers, such as low flow shower heads, which use less water than traditional showers. We also have a towel re-use programme in place, which allows guests to re-use their towels instead of having them washed every day. In order to conserve water and avoid unnecessary waste, bed linens are also changed upon guests’ request, reducing the frequency of bed linen laundry. Another way to save water is by allowing guests to opt-out of room cleaning services. Moreover, our washing machines are only loaded once they are at full capacity, while the pool water recirculates thanks to a pump with filters. Lastly, our gardens are designed to be water-efficient, with native or drought-resistant plants, and we water them during the night to prevent water evaporation during the day. By implementing these water-saving measures, we are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment while providing our guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Cleaning Products

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is an important step towards sustainability in the hospitality industry. Traditional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and the health of those who use them. By switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and promote a healthier workplace for our employees while protecting the planet.

Conservation, Preservation & Recycling Plan

At the San Antonio Corfu, recycling is always top of mind throughout all departments. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, batteries, and printer ink. We use recycled paper as much as possible for our brochures. We also use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper and print double sided. Eco-friendly cleaning products and recycled toilet paper are used throughout the resort, ensuring housekeeping procedures are in line with the hotel’s sustainable character.

Food Management

The hotel is proudly showcasing a genuine hospitality experience characterised by pure authenticity and connection to the island. As a result, the gastronomic offerings of San Antonio & Callao on the coast reflect this very commitment. Regional produce and locally-sourced materials are the protagonists throughout the hotel’s food and beverage menu. Fully aware of the large amounts of food thrown out at restaurants on a daily basis, San Antonio is committed to minimising food waste across the establishment, ensuring that every morsel of food is valued as deserved. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive food waste policy that covers every stage of food management – from education to disposal. We educate our staff on the importance of reducing food waste and provide them with the tools and resources they need to prevent it from occurring. We buy products mainly from local professionals and producers to reduce the environmental footprint of goods transport. From recycling and eco-friendly products to offering vegetarian and vegan menu options, we take conscious steps and environmental considerations are included in all managerial decisions.

Community Engagement

San Antonio Corfu is born from deep reverence, respect and appreciation for the island and its multifaceted culture. As a result, retaining its bonds with the land that birthed it stands at the top of the priorities list. San Antonio is committed to sourcing materials from local and regional businesses throughout its scope of operations, supporting their efforts in the process.

Use Of Materials

Translating the island’s legacy and character into the now, San Antonio Corfu shines bright on the hillsides of Kalami Bay as a welcoming village where authenticity abounds. The hotel buildings themselves, absolutely in tune with the local aesthetic and elevated with contemporary twists, are constructed with natural materials while earthen touches present throughout the space further emphasise this symbiotic relationship.